About the game

If you're a new or seasoned player and are looking for tutorials or gameplay-videos,
you've come to the right place!

First, in case you want to buy the game, here are a few boardgame-stores where you get it in Switzerland:
Rien ne va plus - in Zürich
DracheNäscht - in Bern (they ship, too)
Xenomorphe - Two stores: Geneva (Genève) and Lausanne
And, in case there's no store nearby, you can always order it from amazon.de or amazon.fr
Please be aware that you can get the game in different languages (German, French and Englich, among others).

A good start, I find, is the official tutorial-video by Fantasy Flight Games (publishers of Netrunner).
It gives you an overview and covers the basics of the game:

I also found it fun and useful to watch videos of peoples' games, such as the one below, for example.
TeamWorkCast have quite a few of these and you can easily find more on YouTube.

Krystian from TeamWorkCast has also written a nice review / overview of the game, which you can read here.