Game-nights in Zürich

All types of players are welcome! Pros, newbies, casuals, the more the merrier! :)
Please note: For all events listed here, you can play with German or English cards.


For questions about games in Zürich, please write to

Weekly Netrunner meetup / game-night in Zürich:

- First Tuesday of each month we meet at 6pm at the "Wellplayed" in Dübendorf
- Every Tuesday (other than the first Tuesday of the month) we meet at 6pm at Restaurant Ey at Triemli (Triemlistrasse 183, 8047 Zürich -- right at the "Triemli" bus-stop, here's link to the map)

The Wellplayed is right by the train-station and we hope to connect with the long-time players there.
There is a fee of 5 CHF to help rent the room (if you're a member at Wellplayed, the fee is waived). Click here for details.

If you're having a local meetup / game-night in your area, (no matter where, Bern, Genève, Basel, ...)
please let me know so that I can add it here! :)
Email me:
(You can write in English, German or French)